I am terrible at updating my website but here is an exciting thing!

Guys! The new ABC iView show I’ve been working on with Jamila Rizvi premiered today! It’s called What’s Going On: With Jamila Rizvi and Rosie Waterland, and it’s basically just me asking Jamila heaps of questions about stuff I don’t understand, starting off with… Australian Politics! Any question you’ve ever been afraid to ask, any time you pretended like you knew what was going on in the news but didn’t, we spent a week in Canberra talking to EVERYBODY, and we’ve covered it all. Watch it now at right here on ABC iView.

Trust me, by the end of this series, you will understand what’s going on in Canberra. If I walked away understanding Australian politics, anyone can.

And for updates on when each episode airs, like the FB page right here:

What’s Going On: With Jamila Rizvi and Rosie Waterland

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I went to the Perth Writers Festival 2016 because I am definitely a proper author.

I asked Magda Szubanski and Jane Caro to be my mentors (while on stage in front of a large audience so they couldn’t say no), and was adopted into a new family with Todd Alexander and David Burton.

Read their brilliant books here:

Reckoning: A Memoir – Magda Szubanski

Plain-Speaking Jane – Jane Caro

Tom Houghton – Todd Alexander

How To Be Happy – David Burton



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New bffls/mentors in roles that I definitely did not pressure them into.


The crowd at the panel with me, Magda Szubanski and Jane Caro. (I was clearly the ‘spot-the-random’ on stage.)


Saying things at Barefaced Stories.


Panel moderator AJ, and me with my new adoptive dad Todd Alexander and adoptive brother David Burton.