Random Articles

Here is a list with a bunch of work I’ve had published (mostly fart-related tbh):

Rosie Waterland responds to critics of yesterday’s nude photo. (22/1/16)

Why I posted a naked photo of myself on the internet. (21/1/16)

The horrifying moment you realise YOU are in charge of Christmas. (21/12/15)

Here’s what you should read this summer (according to me). (18/12/15)

Rosie Waterland spends a night at the Church of Oprah. (15/12/15)

Private schools can be beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside. (8/12/15)

Why are all The Bachelor women so afraid to admit what they want? (10/9/15)

Rosie’s Top 20… Ways to become a viral sensation. (28/8/15)

Rosie’s Top 20… Ways to be a health guru. (24/8/15)

Apparently I’m guilty of ‘hot mess humblebragging’. I CALL BULLSHIT. (19/8/15)

Instagram has banned the hashtag #curvy but allows #bitch and #deepthroater. FFS. (17/7/15)

“Most savvy people know that their phones should always be on silent.” Wait, what? (16/7/15)

Rosie’s Top 20… Stuff that happens on Tinder that would never happen in real life. (10/7/15)

Rosie Reviews: Magic Mike XXL (10/7/15)

Rosie’s Top 20… Ways you’re screwing up being a woman. (3/7/15)

Struggle Street wasn’t exploitative. It was real. (7/5/15)

A meteorologist explains the NSW storm (in a way you’ll understand). (22/4/15)

We shouldn’t be fascinated by this marriage. We should be outraged by it. (9/4/15)

How the hell do you make friends as an adult? (8/4/15)

The only acceptable way to style your hair, according to every beauty writer ever. (25/3/15)

A New Zealand Bachelor contestant accidentally farted on a date and it was heaven. (20/3/15)

‘Neighbours’ turned 30 this week, so I recapped an episode and promptly lost my mind. (18/3/15)

Rosie Reviews: 50 Shades of Grey. (12/2/15)

Resolutions I probably should have made but didn’t because resolutions are stupid and I’m already awesome. (9/2/15)

Coeliacs have officially gone off the deep-end. (3/2/15)

APPLAUSE REQUIRED: Tony Abbott just discovered sexism. (12/12/14)

Count the ways this woman manages to insult Amal Clooney in 4 and a 1/2 minutes. (1/12/14)

17 questions to ask the person you plan to spend your life with. (27/11/14)

I can’t stop sex-shaming everyone around me. (20/11/14)

‘Stomach Full, Penis Empty: A Woman’s Guide To A Happy Marriage.’ (19/11/14)

Don’t panic but… The world is actually running out of chocolate. (18/11/14)

We should all approach life the way this little girl approaches her fart. (14/11/14)

There is now SCIENTIFIC PROOF: Once a cheater, always a cheater. (31/10/14)

I am an Anti-Cool Girl. (21/10/14)

The one Tinder Tip no man shuold ever be without. (9/10/14)

So… Science just proved the vaginal orgasm doesn’t exist. (8/10/14)

If you broadcast your love on Facebook, YOUR LOVE IS A SHAM. (29/9/14)

I need to able to fart in front of my boyfriend. I just do. (15/9/14)

I reviewed ‘The Notebook’ while very, very drunk. (8/9/14)

It took me a really long time to find my vagina. (2/9/14)

IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS: It has been confirmed that Hello Kitty is NOT A CAT. (28/8/14)

FINALLY: Scientists have given us an answer on whether or not we should shave our pubes. (27/8/14)

‘In The Night Garden’ is some messed up shit. (26/8/14)

Rosie Waterland talks about the boss that changed her life. (11/8/14)

An instructional guide to losing friends on Facebook. (6/8/14)

There is a secret folder on my computer. And I’m so ashamed. (5/8/14)

Playing jenga with my face and a penis. (30/7/14)

I am the child of addicts. And this is the only question I have about Peaches Geldof. (28/7/14)

Realistic Secret Single Behaviours. (15/7/14)

Giving head is the worst. (9/7/14)

It’s time to stop with the vague, passive-agressive inspirational quotes. (6/7/14)

13 signs you watch way too much television. (25/6/14)

I went to a psychic. I think I did it wrong. (28/5/14)

One of the most heartbreaking, brutally honest TV segments ever. (14/5/14)

“Nothing could prepare me for the horror that was about to take place in my mouth.” (6/5/14)

So this one time? My mum decided we were Mormons. (30/4/14)

Masturbation: Or why you shouldn’t delegate a job you can’t already do yourself.

An etiquette guide for TV spoilers in the modern age. (15/4/14)

Is your vagina fashionable enough? (11/4/14)

The little girl that nobody wanted. (4/4/14)

The time I enteres a modelling competition and my sister won. (24/3/14)

To the stranger who made a woman cry on the train. (20/3/14)

A sex tip, a pretty pink bo and a very misguided young woman. (18/3/14)

What’s happening with Qantas, by someone who has no idea what’s happening with Qantas. (6/3/2014)

Thinking of sharing a Facebook video montage? Don’t. (6/2/14)

Bumholes in advertising. That’s where we’re at now. Sexy bumholes. (6/2/14)

We just want to pause our feminism for a night so we can enjoy cheap tequila and popcorn. Is that too much to ask? (4/2/14)

14 smug Instagram photos that drive eeryone completely bonkers. (22/1/14)

I would be very interested to see this experiment done in reverse. (7/1/14)

Rape is just unlucky. (31/12/13)

I’m convinced that I’m a fraud. Anyone else? (11/11/13)

Airport trauma: “You weren’t there man. You weren’t there.” (25/10/13)

An open letter to anyone terrified of being single. (23/9/13)

I have no freaking clue how banks work. (5/9/13)

Why do we keep sending kids back? (2/9/13)

“Dear Girls: Please shave your pubic hair.” Um, fuck off. (27/8/13)

Feel like achieving something today? Create an anti-bucket list. (23/8/13)

“My relationship ended because of a bike.” (19/8/13)

9 totally acceptable thigns that happen during sex (that you nevver see in the movies). (6/8/13)

The time Rosie Waterland interviewed Toni Collette (not very well). (1/8/13)

Got a vagina? You’re doing it wrong. (22/7/13)

I still thought I was worthless because I had gained weight. (10/7/13)

Going to the post office. Or, the day I realised I am not a functioning adult. (28/6/13)

Hitting your wife for Jesus. (28/6/13)

A rant: The 6 most obnoxious things restaurants do. (27/5/13)

Not familar with the facepalm? You will be by the end of this post. (17/5/13)

Confession: I am the worst kind of flaky friend. (10/5/13)

5 emtions that didn’t exist before the Internet. (6/5/2013)

The glorious power of the ‘unfollow’ button. (19/4/13)

5 ways the world is skewed against single people. (11/4/13)

Why I’m doing absolutely nothing to lose weight. (24/2/13)

On having an outie vagina. (30/1/13)

She doesn’t look like 99% of Hollywood actresses. But she’s not fat. (21/1/13)

Placed into foster care with her sisters. Then it started. (16/1/13)

The time I peed my pants in Coles. (29/11/12)

Checklist: Are you a lady-child? (22/11/12)

Losing my virginity: From “Wanna do it?” to “I peed funny!” in ten minutes. (13/11/12)

“You’ll be less of a woman if you have a caesarean.” (16/10/12)

One thought on “Random Articles

  1. Hi Rosie, I can’t wait for your recap of recent dramatic events, i.e. Sam and Blake’s split.. Is it on the way??

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